Colon Cleansing. What you need to know.


Colon cleansing the methods

Colon cleansing is also known as colon therapy. The main aim of engaging in colon cleansing is to rid the colon of toxins and wast. The process does not only stop with the colon but it goes on to cleanse the intestinal track. Other terms used include; colonic, colon irrigation or colon hydrotherapy. The practice can be traced way back in ancient Egypt. It was believed that food decomposes along the large intestine walls which would lead to various sicknesses such as fever and other related ailments.

This belief was later adopted by the Ancient Greeks who advanced it further. By the 19th Century many medics had come out in support of the idea after contacting some studies on the subject. Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov is credited for strongly advancing the idea between 1845 and 1916.During this period of time many people argued that the body could not fully dispose of all the toxins and wast. It is with this thought that the belief to help the colon cleanse itself came about. This line of thought caused panic among many people leading to some choosing to undergo surgery to remove the part of the colon in a rush to stop the perceived danger of contacting the said sicknesses. Although the practice is scientifically supported, there are no known side effects or any recorded benefits.

Colon Cleansing Diet

When we speak of a colon cleansing diet, we simply refer to foods that aid in getting rid of any toxic substances. Such practice has been proven to increase immune system and the digestive health. Other benefits associated with colon cleansing include; allergy prevention and cure, making one have a fresh feeling, increased energy level and much more. Most colon cleansing diets are supposed to last between three days to three weeks. The effects of the cleansing program are felt even after the first day but one should ensure that the process is completed in order to achieve better results. There are many colon cleansing diets available for those wishing to try. Listed below are some of the best cleansing diets;

  • Using lemons: Lemonade have for many years been used to cleanse the colon. They are known to increase health and clean the body of toxic build up they help to break down the impurities for body rid them from the system. Lemons have been proven scientifically to contain high levels of antioxidants which are able to detoxify the body. If you choose to cleanse your colon using lemons a very popular lemon drink is able to be used to supplement meals as well as contain the nutrients to cleans the body.  This method means that you will not consume anything else apart from the lemon drink during day time. This is hard for some people to get there head around.

How to prepare the lemon drink: extract the juice from five healthy lemons; add a teaspoon of Cheyenne pepper and a ¼ cup of Grade B Maple Syrup. The mixture is to be stirred until the paper completely mixes. To this add ten cups of purified water and stir to mix well. This mixture is to be taken during the day.

  • Important : To do a colon cleansing using juice means that you will avoid any solid food during day time. Instead of food one engages in juice only for the specified period of time.
  • Raw vegetable juices : Cooking food has been known to kill most essential nutrients which are helpful to the body. Doing a colon cleansing this way means that you don’t cook the vegetables. Instead you consume them when raw. Raw foods are known to be healthier that cooked ones.

Caution: It’s advised that one should fist consult with his or her doctor before engaging in colon cleansing. People who should not engage in the practice include pregnant mothers and those who are breast feeding. Another group of people who should not try the program are those who have medical problems. People suffering from anemia and diabetics are particularly discouraged from engaging in the practice. To ensure that you are safe to engage in the program, please visit your doctor for advice and check up.

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colon cleansing

Colon cleansing supplements

There are those who may not have the time to visit a hospital for the purposes of having their colon cleansed using special machines meant for that purpose. To such people there is the option of using recommended colon cleansing supplements. Finding the right supplement is not as hard as one might think. There are many options in the market for you to choose from. The following options may prove helpful to you;

  • Since in colon cleansing we are concerned with eliminating toxins in the body, it is advisable to select foods that are toxin free. Avoid foods that contain artificial addictives as well.
  • Whatever food stuff you choose to engage in your colon cleansing, ensure that they contain at least two of the following ingredients; Cascara Sagrada which is known for its mild laxative properties. The second is Psyllium Husk and is a good source of fiber. The main advantage of including it in your diet has to do with its ability to reduce cholesterol and to regulate bowel movement.
  • Try controlling your appetite in order to ease your colon from the task of digesting a lot of food. Fennel supplements are known to fake satisfaction and reduce cravings for food. It is known to resist toxins from piling up in the body.
  • Hydrochloric Acid is a colon cleansing supplement which breaks wastes from blocking the colon. This way the colon will have enough room to pass body wastes for excretion.


When you consider the benefits and the testimonials of those who have made colon cleansing their habit, you will agree that these methods are worth a try. Think of having a fatigue free life all because your colon is clean. How about a life free from the fear of getting dangerous heart diseases cancer and much more? In fact the benefits of colon cleansing cannot be exhausted. Frequent colon cleansing will not only keep you healthy but will give you a new lease of life and clear skin. Simply put, colon cleansing is a must for those who wish to stay healthy and energetic.