Colon Cleansing

The colon may be the most misinterpreted part of our body and also one of the most important parts the human body. Consuming too many unhealthy types of food can be harmful for your colon and deadly for your overall health. Though in the 21st century it is getting increasingly hard to avoid impurities that we consume that is why it is extremely wise to do a colon cleanse every now and then. It could also save your life. SERIOUSLY.

The Colon cleansing mainstream awareness began as early as the 1920’s, though its being more extensive in different part of the world especially in the United States. From then on, teas, capsules, and even therapies such as colonic irrigation have been chosen by individuals. Discussions have constantly been established, whether or not if colon cleansing is essential and useful. Some assumptions have been made against colon cleansing assumable because the most effective procedures don’t have high profits attached to them.
Negative statements such as “if the cleansing procedure is passed on for a long phase of time, it could be damaging, causing dehydration and other severe complications”. However the History of colon cleansing procedures show that in spite of the contrasting perspectives, people have been choosing thss procedures, and a lot of people are pleased with the results.

Why the colon.

The Colon is the biggest part of the large intestine and is around 3-inches in width and about 6ft in length. When food has been processed in our small intestine, the rest follows to large intestine and colon assists in engrossing water and the latter hints of nutrients whereas easing waste development and its undertaking out of the human body.
Our colon is able to uphold itself for a long period of time if the person’s dietary consumption comprises enough fiber, water, vegetables, and fruits. If you eat more food that is processed, has greater amounts of fat and does not have enough fiber and water, wastes of these foods could follow to the barriers of our colon. Intrinsically waste amasses and toughens; it would decrease the size of the colon, causing it that much harder to acquire waste matter to change places, which can results to constipation. It also causes a less part of the colon being accessible for nutrient engagement, and accordingly the probabilities of contaminants from the accumulated waste incoming to your bloodstream is hightend.
This kind of an insanitary installation in the colon could cause yeast, bacterial, or parasitic contagions of the colon that would give rise to more health difficulties. Cleansing out waste substance from our colon is consequently, one of the most significant surfaces of upholding a healthy standard of living.
A lot of people all over the world, understanding this and have engaged to colon cleansing practices. To eliminate gathered waste substance from the barriers of the innards. You can embrace a variety of treatments to result this. There are some home medication choices along with clinical processes or you can use methodically suggested allopathic or normal capsules or tablets. However your diet whereas going through such treatment could act as an essential role in the efficiency of the colon cleansing diet procedure.

Colon Cleanse Diet guidelines

several standard diet guidelines for you when undergoing colon treatment:


  •  Consume foods that have great fiber. As well vegetables, fruits, and nuts to complement your vitality. Or you can set your sights on a soft diet.
  • Avoid eating processed foods, junk foods, fatty, oily, and fried foods. Red meat also has to be avoided. Such products could damage your whole cleansing routine.
  • No desiccating drinks such as coffee, alcohol or carbonated drinks. Water or lemon juice will be your best replacements as water, being a general solvent, would help in colon cleansing diet.

A common Colon cleanse diet which considered a powerful diet, contains drinking quite a lot of water for a phase of some days.
Why we need to consume lots of water? The great reasons: Because our colon needs to be breaking down the solid foods. Through colon cleansing distillate on refining nutrition t by means of liquids, the colon concentrates on the elimination and not dispensation of food waste.
There are several colon cleansing diets that concentrate on some workouts, and have utilized special herbal medicines to rouse and recover the operation of the colon. As colon cleansing diets could take around a couple of weeks to complete, diets need to be intended well beforehand so you can brave a colon cleansing diet for all-out benefits.
It takes a lot of effort to do a colon cleanse if you are not used to doing detox cleansing at all so it is important to stay focused at trying to finish. If you don’t finish a colon cleanse diet, you are not truly getting the advantage of the diet provided but you could try the diet once more and some benefit would have been gain though not the maximum amount. The perfect colon cleanse diet is one which syndicates quick with the onslaught. It’s where you need to eat the needed nutrients to nurture the body and a lot of fluids to put away poisons from our system.
First thing to sort out in a colon cleansing diet is to remove foods from our diet that could make the job more difficult than it have to be.

colon cleansing.

the x ray image of the colon.

Consume much more Fiber in Your Diet

The following portion of a colon cleanse diet is to temporary foods that you must not consume foods that are high in fiber. This is the reason colon cleansing diets are as well-known as fiber diets. The reason you need to consume more fiber is for the reason that the fiber strands like a bush in the colon barrage that engrosses wastes and contaminants to transport through its system of the body. Whereas the typical diet has sufficient fiber to sort it out, the essential fiber diet upsurges your fiber consumption up to around 40 to 50 grams.

Consume More Vegetables and Fruits

The third part of the colon cleansing diet is to upsurge ingesting of vegetables and fruits as these foods have enzymes that help our body digest easier. A lot of colon cleansing diets take in herbal additions that are utilized to assist the digestive system assurances the overall removal of toxins and wastes from the body.

Colon Cleansing. What you need to know.


Colon cleansing the methods

Colon cleansing is also known as colon therapy. The main aim of engaging in colon cleansing is to rid the colon of toxins and wast. The process does not only stop with the colon but it goes on to cleanse the intestinal track. Other terms used include; colonic, colon irrigation or colon hydrotherapy. The practice can be traced way back in ancient Egypt. It was believed that food decomposes along the large intestine walls which would lead to various sicknesses such as fever and other related ailments.

This belief was later adopted by the Ancient Greeks who advanced it further. By the 19th Century many medics had come out in support of the idea after contacting some studies on the subject. Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov is credited for strongly advancing the idea between 1845 and 1916.During this period of time many people argued that the body could not fully dispose of all the toxins and wast. It is with this thought that the belief to help the colon cleanse itself came about. This line of thought caused panic among many people leading to some choosing to undergo surgery to remove the part of the colon in a rush to stop the perceived danger of contacting the said sicknesses. Although the practice is scientifically supported, there are no known side effects or any recorded benefits.

Colon Cleansing Diet

When we speak of a colon cleansing diet, we simply refer to foods that aid in getting rid of any toxic substances. Such practice has been proven to increase immune system and the digestive health. Other benefits associated with colon cleansing include; allergy prevention and cure, making one have a fresh feeling, increased energy level and much more. Most colon cleansing diets are supposed to last between three days to three weeks. The effects of the cleansing program are felt even after the first day but one should ensure that the process is completed in order to achieve better results. There are many colon cleansing diets available for those wishing to try. Listed below are some of the best cleansing diets;

  • Using lemons: Lemonade have for many years been used to cleanse the colon. They are known to increase health and clean the body of toxic build up they help to break down the impurities for body rid them from the system. Lemons have been proven scientifically to contain high levels of antioxidants which are able to detoxify the body. If you choose to cleanse your colon using lemons a very popular lemon drink is able to be used to supplement meals as well as contain the nutrients to cleans the body.  This method means that you will not consume anything else apart from the lemon drink during day time. This is hard for some people to get there head around.

How to prepare the lemon drink: extract the juice from five healthy lemons; add a teaspoon of Cheyenne pepper and a ¼ cup of Grade B Maple Syrup. The mixture is to be stirred until the paper completely mixes. To this add ten cups of purified water and stir to mix well. This mixture is to be taken during the day.

  • Important : To do a colon cleansing using juice means that you will avoid any solid food during day time. Instead of food one engages in juice only for the specified period of time.
  • Raw vegetable juices : Cooking food has been known to kill most essential nutrients which are helpful to the body. Doing a colon cleansing this way means that you don’t cook the vegetables. Instead you consume them when raw. Raw foods are known to be healthier that cooked ones.

Caution: It’s advised that one should fist consult with his or her doctor before engaging in colon cleansing. People who should not engage in the practice include pregnant mothers and those who are breast feeding. Another group of people who should not try the program are those who have medical problems. People suffering from anemia and diabetics are particularly discouraged from engaging in the practice. To ensure that you are safe to engage in the program, please visit your doctor for advice and check up.

colon cleanse

colon cleansing

Colon cleansing supplements

There are those who may not have the time to visit a hospital for the purposes of having their colon cleansed using special machines meant for that purpose. To such people there is the option of using recommended colon cleansing supplements. Finding the right supplement is not as hard as one might think. There are many options in the market for you to choose from. The following options may prove helpful to you;

  • Since in colon cleansing we are concerned with eliminating toxins in the body, it is advisable to select foods that are toxin free. Avoid foods that contain artificial addictives as well.
  • Whatever food stuff you choose to engage in your colon cleansing, ensure that they contain at least two of the following ingredients; Cascara Sagrada which is known for its mild laxative properties. The second is Psyllium Husk and is a good source of fiber. The main advantage of including it in your diet has to do with its ability to reduce cholesterol and to regulate bowel movement.
  • Try controlling your appetite in order to ease your colon from the task of digesting a lot of food. Fennel supplements are known to fake satisfaction and reduce cravings for food. It is known to resist toxins from piling up in the body.
  • Hydrochloric Acid is a colon cleansing supplement which breaks wastes from blocking the colon. This way the colon will have enough room to pass body wastes for excretion.


When you consider the benefits and the testimonials of those who have made colon cleansing their habit, you will agree that these methods are worth a try. Think of having a fatigue free life all because your colon is clean. How about a life free from the fear of getting dangerous heart diseases cancer and much more? In fact the benefits of colon cleansing cannot be exhausted. Frequent colon cleansing will not only keep you healthy but will give you a new lease of life and clear skin. Simply put, colon cleansing is a must for those who wish to stay healthy and energetic.